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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Online proctored certification exam tips

This blog post will cover some of the challenges and solutions for giving online proctored certification exam using

** Web Cam **

Well if you have two computers then you do not need to buy an external webcam. 
(either mac or PC, you need only one computer with webcam) 

Let's name each computer for simplifying the instructions.

Computer A (you will be giving exam on this computer via VNC) 
Computer B (with webcam, where you would be starting the exam in a browser).

1. Let's setup screen sharing between computer A and B first.

if you are on mac enable screen sharing using steps mentioned in the another post here.
or you can use TeamViewer of any other software to accomplish screen sharing.

2. Setup Computer B (VNC server) for Onine exam
important note: if Mac do not allow you to install the webassessor software saying
 it's not signed or from a known developer then follow these steps: 

3. Go to Safari browser on Computer B
3.1 Login into Webassessor
3.2 Click launch
Tip: Safari may just download a file called
to launch the setup: open this file in textedit or notepad and 
copy paste the URL from the file (highlighted in green) into browser's address bar.


4. follow on-screen steps to complete and enable webcam and audio in adobe.
tip: make sure to place your laptops in following way (webcam = computer B). 
your face and computer A (keyboard and screen) should be visible.

5. read the other instructions mentioned by kryterian (webassessor) carefully.
Exam is paused if you violate any of these instructions :)

All the best !! if you have questions , feel free to add to the comments below.