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Sunday, November 7, 2010 Developer Certification (DEV401) Exam

Exam Objectives: Certified Developer–Winter ‘11 Release Exam

· Describe the functionality of the Adobe FlashBuilder for IDE and Flex Framework for
·  Describe the features, use cases, and considerations of Chatter analytics.
·  Describe the capabilities and considerations of the report builder.
·  Describe the use cases for the drill-to-detail dashboard components.
·  Describe the use cases for the selectable running user feature.
·  Describe the capabilities of the Improved System Log console.
·  Describe the capabilities of the new Visualforce Chatter components.

Winter ‘11 Release Notes:

Read Online:  Winter 11 Release notes (scribd)
Download: salesforce_winter11_release_notes.pdf

Practice Exam:


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